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MMOEXP : Elden Ring speedruns are becoming too excessive
   Discussion: MMOEXP : Elden Ring speedruns are becoming too excessive
Ludwighench · 22 days ago
There are supposedly auto hot keys you can employ to make the Elden Ring Runes glitch a little more simple, however they appear to be only for PC users. Alongside making regular usage of The Zip exploit--like employing it to skip from the initial Site of Grace to Stormhill's Stormgate in between two and three seconds -- the rest of Distortion2's game is pretty familiar to any player who's participated in Elden Ring or watched any of the other insane speedruns. Distortion2 zipped out of to the Stormgate Site of Grace, in which Melina offers you Torrent and then to Liurnia of the Lakes to pick up a few items such as The Icerind Hatchet for the nerfed Hoarfrost Stomp weapon ability, abstaining from almost every enemy they came in contact with. Then, they used both using the Wrong Warp and Zip glitches to traverse in the Lands Between. Distortion2 also employed to fly Torrent exploit to swiftly get to the Academy of Raya Lucaria, which is usually regarded as a way to get access to the Volcano Manor. Their previous record was a sub-30-minute race, which took 28 minutes and 59 seconds. It was released on March 14. The time at which they ran that record was their fifth consecutive world record for the "Any%" Elden Ring speedrun. Leaderboards of Elden Ring on have unlocked, and though Distortion2's speed isn't listed however, their sub-20 minute run is the most efficient for any category. It's the same for the Dark Souls-themed speedrunning site Distortion2's time overtaking all the others. Distortion2 was so devoted to this run of less than 20 minutes, they even noted in the video's description and on Twitter in their Twitter account that they "changed a flight and did a 15-hour stream" just to try and publish this incredible time. I enjoy watching other people do incredible feats of gaming. That's the reason I love the sport of esports. However, these cheap Elden Ring Runes speedruns are becoming too excessive. I can't keep up! I'm expecting someone to glitch from the beginning in the Limgrave region to the final boss and the win the game in I don't even know, 60 minutes.

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