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Wed, Apr 15 2015
Seller was very nice and helpful

 If you want a Rolex look alike with a performance to match , It's mechanical. Most people fully realize this, but I couldn't help rolling my eyes every time.  You won't regret buying this I never wore a watch before but I hate taking this one off now just because it looks so great!  I'm sure it's packed with antishock mechanisms to put up with my constant abuse. I thought it was a true chronograph and had to contact the seller to find out it was not. Seller was very nice and helpful. Stylish for the new trend and can be worn with both silver and gold. Will enjoy this for sure. The watch looks like a very expensive one. The chocolate color is beautiful. This watch  is quite similar to the above Rolex watches (I hate to say it).I even received my new watch in Madrid a couple of days sooner than initially expected. who loves costume jewelry that is affordable, yet nice and trendy! Two thumbs up! I have recieved many compliments and am extremly happy with it! Would recommend to anyone!

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